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Wow...just...wow. - Meg's Corner of the Internet Journal

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Previous Entry Wow...just...wow. Feb. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:41 am Next Entry
At first today was starting to look down. I went to the nursery job this morning, where a kid was crying so much he puked all over the floor, on my shoe, etc.
And all but three of the kids, wouldn't share toys. We told them constantly that they needed to share, and they'd say "Okay!"
But then when a kid walked over and asked, "Can I play with you?" the other kid screamed, "IT'S MY TOY! NOT YOURS! GET AWAY FROM ME OR I'LL TELL MOMMY!!!"


Was very glad I went home and took a nap, after changing my clothes.

Then I had a career appointment where I take a test and the computer determines what career would fit best for me.
It mostly was focused around the education and arts area, but what the computer confirmed were the following:
Art/Music/Vocal/Speech Teacher
Secondary Teacher
PE Teacher
School Counselor
Therapist for mental illnesses
Animal Caretaker

I have to take it one step at a time. I now know what career I would like best, but now I must focus on graduating this June.
I still feel weird about it though.
Since I dropped out of high school for medical reasons, I enrolled at this school for kids who dropped out. The reason I think it's strange is because I feel like I'm not smart enough. I mean...I'm 19, will be 20 this year, and I'm still in high school.
Right now I should be enjoying my second semester of college.
But things happen for a reason, and I just have to accept that.

So my day was looking up, but I was dreading Raw. I didn't know where Batista would end up. I wanted him to stay on Raw, but signs were pointing to Smackdown.

Then I was thinking he would surprise them both and choose neither for some weird and pointless reason.

But in the end, I was so glad I taped Raw.

Raw was getting worried because Batista didn't show up for awhile. The fans, my friends, were getting restless.
So until he showed up, we all pretended he was at my house, sitting on the futon behind me, watching Raw.
Just so you know, it's just my friends and my sick sense of humor from here on. ;)


I didn't know what Batista's deal was. I offered him a drink while we sat watching Raw.

"You know..." I said, "Raw is being held in another state. You should get there pretty soon...cause, you know, it's a big night."

"Ya I know.."

Then he sipped his drink and continued watching.
So I let it go.

When it was about an hour into the show, I said, "Listen, Dave, it's not that I don't want you in my house, which is perfectly fine by the way. I'm sure my parents were a little scared when they saw a huge man walk in the door casually and go down stairs."

In all honesty, they were used to it by now.

"But seriously, you should get going. Don't disappoint your fans."

But he sipped his drink and continued watching. What showed up then were clips of Batista about making his final decision. He looked at me and said, "It's really weird to watch myself on television, you know that?"

I wouldn't know.

Well, about near the end of the show, his phone rang.
"Who is it?"
"Meh...Nature Boy."

So he didn't answer.

But it was weird, because then it showed Bob Barker-rric Flair leaving a message for Dave.
Dave chuckled to himself while watching.
He chuckled even more when Triple H came out right when Ric was talking about him.

I wasn't really paying attention...but then Triple H started bitching, so I started watching.

"Can you believe this? It's supposed to be the BIGGEST night in Batista's career. It's supposed to be the biggest night in the history of Evolution, Ric. This is the first night, this is where it all happens. You and I are going to run this business and it all starts tonight! After everything we have done for him and tonight, of all nights, he has the guts to be over two hours late?!"

"Told you..." I said sarcastically.

"You know champ, you have bent over backwards for him! You created Batista! You made him! You put in a position to make a huge amount of impact on this industry. You did it!"

"Huh..." I mused. "You know, I honestly think he wants you to join Smackdown because he's afraid you'll beat him."
"And he knows it too..."

"I've done even more than you know."

That's when we paid more attention.

"You know how hard it is to get footage from Smackdown of JBL and Big Show and get it put into Raw? It's not easy."

Batista leaned in closer.

"And do you know how hard it is to find a white limousine and get those STUPID big horns put on the front to make Dave think that JBL was trying to run him over?"

I put my hand over my mouth and gasped. I looked over at Batista, who's eyebrows arched.

He was getting angry.

Ric was getting upset, but Triple H was throwing out a lot of bull shit. I noticed when he said, "Sometimes Dave is not smart enough to know what's good for him."

Dave clenched his fist.

"Just trying to ensure that he made the right decision tonight, and went to Smackdown."

Almost in synch, Batista, Ric, and I said "Oh my god..."

I thought Ric would defend Batista, but honestly, I should know better. Ric started praising Triple H on being a genius.

"What are you going to do, Dave?"
Dave started punching his fist in his hand.
"That son of a bitch." he whispered.

He quickly got up, said, "I'm going to run there. Call me and put the phone on the television so I can hear it."

I fixed his tie as he put his jacket on, then he was off!

I called him as soon as he left.

"What's happening now?"

I told him it was mostly just Ric dancing like an idiot.
"Hey, how fast CAN you run?"

"You'll see..."

When Triple H started talking again, I put my phone to the speaker of the television.

"Ric! Ya, it's a great plan, but it's all for nothing if the big idiot gets here tonight, and decides to be selfish and stay on Raw. Batista needs to do what's right for Evolution. What's right for Evolution is right for Batista. And what's right for Batista is for him to go to Smackdown."

I put the phone back to my ear. "All right. You're in for a good show, Meg. I'll talk to you later."

Then it showed Batista at the door, shaking his head.

Honestly, I don't know how he does it.


Now back to the real world.

Batista was...awesome.

My friend and I were throwing out ideas before it showed him at the door.

"I think he's going to Smackdown, I mean, all the signs point to it."
"Ya, but see, maybe that's what they WANT you to think!"

When Triple H started talking, we all knew Batista was listening. It was just obvious.

The managers made their points about why he should join one of their shows, Triple H made his point about why he should go to Smackdown. Batista meanwhile was holding the two clip boards with the contracts, staying silent and listening to all their points.

Honestly, I think he was thinking "Yep, gonna kill Ric and Hunter when this is over."

I just love how he keeps his cool. *laughs*

When Triple H was done, Batista talked.

"Hunter, I've known what I was going to for a looong time."

Then he threw down the Raw clipboard and someone in the audience screamed, "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" Thought that was hilarious!

Triple H and Bob Barker gave him the thumbs up.

Batista did too, smiling.


But then he stopped smiling and motioned his thumb down.

Triple H looked like he said "What the f***!?", and though I don't know why, he went over and tried to punch him.

But hell, Batista knew what he was doing.

He knocked both Triple H and Bob Barker down, then threw Bob Barker OUT of the ring.

Then he started taking his jacket off. And in secret I was hoping he'd rip his shirt again and start beating up someone.

My wish came true. Except he didn't exactly rip. More like, "frantically taking off the tie and frantically un buttoning the shirt because this shirt is my favorite shirt."

Then he put Triple H's head between his legs, pulled him upwards, and slammed him on the table beside them!

He slammed the world's champion...through the freaking table!

Then he casually walked beside Triple H, holding the Raw clipboard contract, and signed it.
The crowd started chanting his name.
When he signed, he threw the pen and grabbed the mic while the audience applauded and cheered.

"Hunter, I'm staying right here on Raw."

The audience cheered.

He threw the clipboard contract at Triple H.

"And at wrestlemania, I'm taking the world championship."

He then leaned in closer.

"...FROM YOU!"

The audience went wild!

Then he grabbed the belt and threw his arms in the air! Then went to the corner of the ring, climbed up, put his arms up again, and sported the belt around his hips, where it truly belongs.

I was so excited, I jumped in my car, drove to Target, and grabbed the Raw magazine.

Today was truly a productive, yet awesome day.
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Date:February 22nd, 2005 07:24 pm (UTC)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...my babers reminds me of my nephews! *snickers* 5 and 8, soon to be 6 and 9...but they go nuts over wrestling too.

Only, I liked your little storyline thing in there. *grins*
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Date:March 2nd, 2005 01:17 am (UTC)
o_O....*must re-read this when I'm awake* XD
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